due to long time experiences within different occasions we also have sepcified on repairing old analog recording equipment. mainly we take care of your beloved tape echo delays from roland, such as the roland re-201/301/501 and bring it back to life or modify it towards your wishes, nearly everything is possible.



here is a sequence of what we do offer:

- tape head cleaning, demagnetizing and adjustement
- mechanical check up and work over
- exchanging tape loops and spare new loops
- recapping, repairs and electronical check-up
- modifying towards you personal wishes

we also take other equipment but as time is rare we do not take everything. so feel free to ask, and talk with us about what is possible and what we specificly are able to do for you.



everything we do offer is strictly done for none profit business and there are no fixed prices per day. all expenses can be seen as charitable donations for a friendly service rendered as there is no company behind our efforts that we do because we love making music.


please get in contact: